Bay Isles Group

"One of the good things about getting older is you find you are more interesting than most of the people you meet."

- Lee Marvin

Bay Isles Group Residential Services

There are times when moving makes sense or is necessary. It may be time to downsize or no longer have maintenance responsibilities. You may want to move to a place where you feel safer or have services readily available. You may also find that you are in a situation where privacy has become isolation. Whatever your situation is, Bay Isles Residential Services is there to provide you with assistance.

In making a change, Bay Isles Residential Services works with you to find the right fit and to support you in making the move. We will help you look at all the options and determine what setting is best for you. The goal is to have the experience be one of moving to a new home rather than leaving your home.

We understand that for some this can be an emotional experience and we provide support and counseling to have the experience be as smooth and comfortable as possible. We also recognize that there are often a variety of financial considerations that accompany making the decision on where to live. We will work with you to help you determine what is in your best financial interest.

Bay Isles Residential Services is available to help you find a new home that best meets your needs and desires. Over time, we intend to have our own network of residential options that embrace the values of independence, dignity and choice. At the same time, we will always work with you to identify and evaluate all the options available and to support you in making a move that makes sense and takes place as smoothly as possible.